Internationally Famous Movie Theaters You Should Visit

Every true lover of a high-quality movie or play knows the importance of the atmosphere and ambient surrounding him for the rich and unique experience of the show. Though the comfort of your home sometimes seems like the most comfortable environment for watching various plays on the screen, nothing compares to experiences in some of the most famous movie theaters worldwide. Here’s a brief rundown of some of them you should not miss to visit if you get a chance.

Visit Pennsylvania and Campus Theatre

Campus Theatre was built back in 1941, and it still keeps marks of that period of a previous century. Interior of this theater is amazing, and the mere theater is one of the few remaining single – screen movie houses. Within the modern renovation, the scene was adapted for classic theater plays too. Visitors mostly come here to enjoy theater’s slightly mystic interior and various classic or latest Hollywood movies.

Winter Garden Theatre

Although this theater is globally famous nowadays mostly due to Toronto International Film Festival, the Winter Garden Theatre has a long tradition and a rich history of various theater events. It is merged with Elgin Theatre, and together they are the last Edwardian pair in the world.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

This impressive theater located at the Acropolis Hill in Athens was originally built in wood with a capacity of only few hundred seats. After the modern renovation, this theater hosts almost 5 thousand seats, and it is adjusted equally for movie and theater plays, as well as for major concerts and music events.

Inevitable Radio City Music Hall NY

When talking about performing venues, Radio City Music Hall in New York City has to be on the list. It was built almost hundred years ago featuring art deco style with the largest indoor and stage curtain in the world. Many renovations have been conducted ever since, but the place keeps its original style and powerful impression. Stage equipment is amazing, and audience States about memorable experiences after watching theater plays, movies or concerts in this hall.

The one and only – The Bolshoi Theater

This astonishing theater in Moscow is probably one of the most famous theaters worldwide with the three centuries long tradition. The Bolshoi theater is settled in the mighty and glorious building, and it features rich and high-quality program. It includes classic theater plays, musicals, ballet, dancing, and concerts. It’s a must-see thing for all tourists in Moscow, and the only issue with the Bolshoi theater is the pretty high cost of the tickets. However, the visitors agree that the memorable experience after seeing certain performances is truly worth the price of the ticket.


Top Music Festivals To Put On You “must visit” List

Being a part of a crowd united around the same aim somewhere in the wilderness kind of sounds like the primordial feature of all of us. All summer music festivals carry this note within boosted with the ecstatic atmosphere while listening to favorite musicians and waving in the rhythm of favorite songs. The summertime temperature makes a living easy, the dose of freedom is at your hand and memorable time and fun are guaranteed. With all of this in mind, thousands of tourists will travel across the globe to attend various music festivals this summer too. However, there are plenty great festivals nowadays to choose from, so we’ve created a list of our favorites and the most popular summer festivals this year.

Tomorrowland in Boom

The end of July is a perfect period to visit Belgium, and it’s city Boom where one of the biggest music festivals is taking place. Tomorrowland is the music festival with a decade-long tradition, great reputation and it’s checked on “must visit” list of most electronic dance music lovers. The lineup includes myriad of popular DJ’s, such as Tiesto and Guetta and the festival features several spacious dance fields empowered with impressive special light and sound effects. The whole experience challenges all your senses and leaves you with incredible memories seven days later.

Enter Serbia to visit Exit

There’s a beautiful town in Vojvodina, north region of Serbia that hosts festival visitors for several days in July. What started as a creative, but rather improvised music festival at the Petrovaradin Fortress twenty years ago has emerged into a globally recognized music festival that gathers some quite influential names in music industry. Exit offers the versatile program, including electronic dance music, old school rock concerts, metal gigs, reggae and many other forms of creative, non-music performances. Impressive view to the Danube underneath the Fortress and the whole city of Novi Sad in front of you bring a special touch to the atmosphere.

April in California

You are going to need a flower crown for this experience. Almost 100 000 tourists from all over the world gather every year deep in Coachella Valley to visit Coachella music festival and create authentic atmosphere and ambient by following the specific dress code. Flower crown is a must. The festival gathers some of the biggest bands and musicians nowadays, provides rich program aside from the mere concerts, including movies, plays, shows, performances and it features many touristic aspects of California. This also means that you might come across various celebrities somewhere in the crowd as you dance to the rhythm of your favorite band.