Cultural Evants

Cool Ways To Experience Cultural Events

Let’s assume there is a free weekend ahead of you and you’d like to have some fun, but not in an ordinary, routine manner including usual clubs and pubs. Social life and entertainment don't necessarily have to come down to drink at the bar. After all, spicing your life with some cultural events from time to time will enrich your inner world with fresh experiences and widen your perspective. However, not even cinema, theater or concerts have to be in the classic form. Here are some unique ideas of entertainment you might want to try or experience.

Experience Titanic in a vivid manner

It goes without saying that this movie is a spectacle itself and the best impression is certainly when watched on the big screen. However, some movie theaters took it to the extreme level in an attempt to provide exquisite experience to the audience. While watching Jack and Rose on the screen, you’ll be sitting in the real boat, with all the rescuing equipment and improvised ocean underneath you and everyone around you. The special effects are amazing here; you will get the vivid impression of being right there in the middle of the movie story.

Mystic atmosphere in churches

The trend in many cities worldwide is to adapt some old ruined and abandoned churches into concert halls and through gigs over there regularly. The acoustic in these places is amazing, partially destroyed walls and premises give a solid ground for powerful special effects, and there is usually one side left open, so you’ll be able to listen part of the concert under the sky if you like.

Enter the cave

Another weird, interesting and a trend among music and concert lovers is to through concerts inside spacious caves. Yes, inside true, natural, underground halls surrounded by sinters and stalactites. These cool events also provide great acoustic impressions, unique atmosphere and exquisite way to get in touch with nature and music you love at once.