Whether you are wondering how and where to spend your free night or you simply want to enrich your social and cultural aspect of life, we are the guide you should consult. All the upcoming concerts, plays, theater shows and other forms of entertainment are summed up here for you.


We’ve dedicated our website to gather at one place all the info you might need to organize a good time and your social life. Regardless of the type of music you listen, we will inform you about the upcoming concerts and gigs in our region, the easiest ways to get your tickets and all the other information. The same goes for theater plays, stand-up comics, shows and all other forms of entertainment. Our teams are following closely local theaters, galleries, museums, bars, concerts halls and other cultural institution to keep you regularly updated.


Our web page is regularly updated with the info about different kind of music events. There are several major concert halls and places where significant music events take place, and we provide schedule and announcements for all of them. Aside from major headline music events, our team provides info about local bands’ gigs and various festivals taking place in our area. Aside from announcements and general information, we provide live and post-event reports from most of these music events, interviews with famous musicians and bands, as well as audio and video material. Some of our team members keep a close eye on international tours of major bands, explore theatrical musical events and write high-quality analyzes and recommendations.

Versatility Of The Theater


An hour or two of a good laugh, lucid jokes and funny sketches in the theater is an exquisite experience to boost your mood. We follow closely various comedy plays in theater or stand – up comedy shows in local bars and pubs, regardless of the topic of the play. It includes everything from Shakespeare to modern comedies with audience interaction, so you may pick the event that suits your taste best.


Many people consider tragedy to be less superficial play compared to comedy, though it’s more of personal preference. If you want to identify or analyze deep inner conflicts of a tragic hero and go through slightly disturbing essential questions or life dilemmas, pick a tragedy listed in our schedule for any of the local theater.


Although when used in everyday life the term melodrama usually associates with something negative, melodrama presented in the theater is highly emotional and complex play that keeps the audience focused fulltime and provided sort of an emotional rollercoaster. The topics vary, but if you’re a fan of this kind of theater play, check our announcements for melodramas in local theaters.

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